Highway Code Rule 79

If you are turning right, you can ride in the left or right-hand lanes and move left when approaching your exit. Position yourself in the centre of your lane if it is safe to do so (see Rule 72) and signal right to indicate that you are not leaving the roundabout. Alternatively, you may feel safer walking your cycle round on the pavement or verge.

If you decide to ride round keeping to the left-hand lane you should

  • be aware that drivers may not easily see you
  • take extra care when cycling across exits. You should signal right to show you are not leaving the roundabout
  • watch out for vehicles crossing your path to leave or join the roundabout.

Where a roundabout has separate cycle facilities, you should use these facilities where they make your journey safer and easier although you are not obliged to use them. This will depend on your experience and skills and the situation at the time.

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